About us

Sourabham in Malayalam translates as ‘fragrance’. The name of our 65-year-old home is only apt, as here you will not only encounter the scent of rain-wet earth, exotic flowers and luscious fruit, but also get a whiff of hearty Indian hospitality. The house has a delightful garden with swaying coconut palms, banana plants, breadfruit and mango trees, which have entwining pepper vines. Oil is milled from the coconut kernels and the pepper is sold locally. There are herbs used in traditional medicine and water lilies, hibiscus and anthurium....Readmore

Nearby Attractive Spots

Beypore Uru

Take a walk from our homestay and you get to see the making of Uru- the 1500 year old Arabian trading vessel.

Chaliyar River

Chaliyar is the fourth longest river in Kerala at 169 km in length. The Chaliyar is also known as Chulika River or Beypore River as it nears the sea.

Pazhassiraja Museum

The Pazhassiraja Museum at East Hill has antique bronzes, old coins, ancient earthenware and models of old temples. .