Sourabham in Malayalam translates as ‘fragrance’. The name of our 63-year-old home is only apt, as here you will not only encounter the scent of rain-wet earth, exotic flowers and luscious fruit, but also get a whiff of hearty Indian hospitality.

The house has a delightful garden with swaying coconut palms, banana plants, breadfruit and mango trees, which have entwining pepper vines. Oil is milled from the coconut kernels and the pepper is sold locally. There are herbs used in traditional medicine and water lilies, hibiscus and anthurium.

Fragrant jasmine blooms like white stars against its dark green leaves in the hot months. Sourabham is truly an oasis in the heat of the Indian summer as the lush foliage surrounding the house pushes down temperatures within it.But the garden really springs to life after the Indian monsoon – the rainy season which stretches from mid-June to September. The nearly 100-year-old well at the back of the house is full almost to overflowing. The fish in their tank are flashes of colour. For those who love rain, this period is not to be missed. All you need is a hot cup of tea, and the rain song and a good book for company.


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Kozhikode - 673015
Kerala, India

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